Alfah & deen 

Luxury . Organic . Unisex

How It All Began


Alfah&Deen started with a pair of siblings with their names and a vision for everlasting porcelain skin. It begins with the adventurer; Alfah who’s an all time vain-pot wanderlust obsessing about the importance of skincare and holding its high performance wherever she went. Along with the younger sibling who’s passion for luxurious and unrefined organic products meets her sister’s obsession come to life. Our story revolves around making organic products versatile no matter the climate and no matter the skin condition or age gap at the luxury of your own comfort anywhere… and lets be honest, convenience is key when moving one place to another. Here we give birth to our vision ;

“Be the Alpha Version of Yourself

Let the Dean of Beauty Takes Care of Your Skin ”.

A&D has always had their inspiration from their mother who spent hours and witnessing her daily skincare routine like her religion. However A&D saw the multitude of inconvenience of bringing along 10-15 different types of skincare products. So we made sure to expedite for the zenith and purest organic ingredients that have pristine uses for exceptionally attaining the near to perfect dream skin.

From a young age this pair of siblings have such big ambitions of reaching out to the aspiring perfectionists that hide themselves under the impurities of their skin conditions and scars of the pasts and future ones because they know what it means of bringing out that confidence under all the undesired layers of yourself to be the best of yourself naturally. 

Alfah has always believed in fairness between genders and pushed skincare's importance towards her friends who has skin conditions such as teenage acne scars , psoriasis mainly in her group of male friends and they have been observed to feel that they are not the best version of themselves when applying for jobs, courting the romance interests they desire and so forth. In her female circle, she has always been told that they would like to have near to glass skin textures and look more radiant since they’re faced with discoloration , hyper pigmentation and so forth. In another circle , apart from looking aesthetically desirable, young mothers or others whom are faced with keloid scars due to past injuries or went through C section and received stubborn and prominent scars; feels that there should be products for them that doesn’t require “under the knife” procedures. Lets get real here, during the pandemic we still need to shine even when the Aesthetic-ians are on long leaves. 

A&D strives hard and arrived for equal and guaranteed results for both Male and Female for the ultimate Organic skincare. We achieve these results through organic products because we believe that our skin is our temple and most of the times we learn different chemicals properties are changed in a formula and might not work as good as a previous or future skincare formulae. However Alfah&Deen is here to stay Organic and unchangeable with better progress.

Deen believes that as a growing person with high aspirations , to attain everything in life there should always be constant and progressive steps towards a goal. Shortcuts will always have a faster and deeper setback, thus Alfah&Deen would encourage the better usage of organic products above ongoing and overpriced treatments that involves aesthetic surgery and chemically based products used with our skin. Our skin reacts viciously with the ongoing climates and stresses , we need to love our skin (love ourselves) to encourage a more everlasting grace and natural time pause on skin cells.


Our brand supports the jobs and concept of fair trade as well where strong and aspiring females who have had different walks in life as a community come together to produce and handle our products ;antiseptically. Our female community service revolved in Morocco and our vision comes together as we strive to grow only the best and unrefined seeds through cold pressing and natural techniques to meet and serve your conditions of your skin at any climate at any day. We work closely with the Dades Valley Women's' Association For the Family Development in Morocco to achieve these. Best results are gained by consistent uses! ( remember own your skincare like its your beloved religion!)  You will never go back to any other products when you have a taste of ours, guaranteed !